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Excellence in EMS Awards

Congratulations to our Excellence in EMS award winners for their service in 2014. The awards were given out at the Spokane County EMS Council meeting on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.


BLS Responder Award Winner - Eric Olson, SCFD 2

BLS Responder Award Winner: Eric Olson (SCFD 2)

ALS Responder Award Winner - Tamara Drapeau, AMR

ALS Responder Award Winner: Tamara Drapeau ( AMR)

Instructor Award Winner - Shaun Pitts, INHS

Instructor Award Winner: Shaun Pitts (INHS)

Telecommunicator Award Winner - Jim Keller, AMR

Telecommunicator Award Winner: Jim Keller (AMR)

Safety Award Winner - Mike Lopez, SFD (Dr. Edminster accepting award on Mike's behalf)

Safety Award Winner: Mike Lopez, SFD (Dr. Edminster accepting award on Mike’s behalf)

Special Services Award Winner - Lori Koch, AMR

Special Services Award Winner: Lori Koch (AMR)

EMS Agency Award Winner - AMR (Patrick Ramsey accepting the award for AMR)

EMS Agency Award Winner: AMR (Patrick Ramsey accepting the award for AMR)

Outstanding Lifetime Service Award Winner - Brad Derting, AMR (retired)

Outstanding Lifetime Service Award Winner: Brad Derting, AMR (retired)

EMS Heroes Award Winners - Sherryl and Larry Hart, SFD

EMS Heroes Award Winners: Sherryl and Larry Hart (SFD)

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